CEP construction and Gampaha floods: No direct connection found, RDA 

  • Construction based on SLRDC/Irrigation Department reports 

  • Flood threat bridge broadening review underway 

  • “Beach front blockage resulting in rainwater backflow, caused floods” 

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa


The Road Development Authority (RDA) has commenced the reviewing of the Central Expressway Project (CEP) construction work in order to ascertain whether the recent floods that occurred in and around the Gampaha District were an effect of road construction, The Sunday Morning learnt. 

It is learnt that the initial discussions held in this regard on Friday (11) had revealed that there was no direct connection and that the road had been constructed following reports submitted by the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLRDC) and the Irrigation Department. 

However, these reports have been prepared in consideration of rainfall of more than 500 mm per day and more than 300 mm rainfall over the course of three days. 

Nevertheless, the recent rainfall does not fall into the two said categories; but since the recent rainfall is the highest rainfall reported in the area in 50 years, an assessment would be conducted to review the flood threats in light of the recent rainfall as well, an RDA official who wished to remain anonymous told The Sunday Morning

According to him, the officials have identified a blockage in the beach front which had created a backflow of rainwater, which had caused the recent floods in the area. 

However, an assessment would be conducted through the application of a flood model, to ascertain whether there is any necessity to broaden the bridges that have been constructed, along with the adoption of several other measures.