Ceylon Chamber launches online marketplace for exporters 

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce CEO Manjula de Silva and Epic Lanka Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. Thareendra Kalpage exchanging the agreement alongside other officials from the two organisations

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, with a view to support companies to promote exports from Sri Lanka, entered a partnership agreement to integrate an “online marketplace”, developed by Epic Lanka Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd., with the platform to be integrated to the Chamber’s e-commerce portal

During the signing ceremony held recently, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Manjula de Silva emphasised that with the introduction of this initiative, priority will be given to promote organisations manufacturing sustainable products that would in return provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.  

“As our global economy grows, it is critical that local businesses can compete in this marketplace. The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to bringing solutions forward that expand opportunities for businesses to participate in the global economy,” said de Silva.

“By choosing (the) Doxpro Shopex online marketplace model, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is truly distinguishing itself and Epic Lanka Technologies is honoured to be working alongside them on this journey,” said Epic Lanka Technologies CEO Thareendra Kalpage. “By fully utilising the capabilities of the Doxpro Shopex marketplace platform, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is set up for marketplace success.”

According to figures collected by the International Trade Centre (ITC) – Geneva from EU (European Union) countries such as France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain, it was found that sustainable product sourcing has become a top priority for retailers in these key EU markets. The emphasis on environmentally friendly products, fair and ethical trade, and decent jobs in supplier companies have strong consumer support and it is expected that such businesses will increase significantly in the next five years.

In addition, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka will also be encouraged to register with the online marketplace to promote their products to exporters as partners of the value chain, the Chamber said. The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce recently established a centre for SMEs in a bid to play a more active role in building this dynamic sector of the economy. 

Local exporters will be able to source products required through the proposed online system and the Chamber said it will work closely with regional chambers of commerce and product trade associations to attract suppliers from various parts of the country. The platform is expected to be launched in October 2020.

Product details uploaded to the online marketplace will be promoted via social media in addition to the Sri Lankan diplomatic missions based overseas, foreign diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka, and across 130 overseas trade promotion organisations.