Ceylon Motor Traders Association calls for constructive dialogue with Govt.

Ceylon Motor Traders Association today CMTA  has called for a constructive dialogue with relevant Government authorities to try to work out a mutually viable way forward.

CMTA has requests the Government to provide a firm timeline on when it plans to recommence imports and if the expected date is several months into the future, requests the Government to provide support to the industry so that it can sustain its employees and overheads as importers will soon have no stocks and no vehicle sales income.

“The vehicle import ban has adversely impacted thousands of Sri Lankans and it is the responsibility of the Government to communicate clearly to us as to when it will be lifted so that businesses and citizens can plan ahead.”

“While the CMTA understands the challenges faced to the country’s economy and foreign reserves, and its members have accepted their share of the burden and are trying their best to minimize salary reductions and/or job cuts so far, the member companies and their dealers will have no option but to take drastic actions to survive as there is no clear direction to plan otherwise.”

The association stated that soon after the vehicle import suspension, the organisation submitted letters to the relevant authorities requesting for clear communication as to when the import restrictions are expected to be lifted in order to make plans to ensure the continuity of the industry. Unfortunately, there has been no proper response to these requests leaving the industry uncertain of its future.

The CMTA strongly believes that the Government also needs to take steps to regulate automotive imports. It suggests that the Government implement a scheme to screen and register vehicle importers to control the quality and quantity of imports of motor vehicles.

“This is a practice that is employed by almost all countries around the world and will provide assurance to consumers as they are buying a vehicle from a credible corporate entity and not unscrupulous operators. At the moment, only about 30% of vehicle imports are through manufacturer authorized importers.”

CMTA, is the only trade association in Sri Lanka that represents automotive manufacturers through their local importers.