Chatting With Upcoming Writer & Model – Lotte Glemser


By Mahika Panditha 


For someone who writes a lot, I do not read as much as I would like to but, I have been reading this book titled ‘Shattered Into Pieces’ which is a beautifully written experience by Lotte Glemser. Having watched Lotte grow into the strong, beautiful woman she is today – it is my pleasure to have had this chat with her regarding her book, and her work as a model in Sri Lanka. She is currently working as a full-time model, but will be heading off soon to pursue her studies in Psychology. “My goal has always been to help others as much as I can, so I have decided that I want to become a certified therapist/ psychiatrist in the future. And as writing is my greatest passion, I am looking forward to seeing what the future has coming for me in this field as well. I want to use my writing to raise awareness for mental health issues and the seriousness of it, in hopes of changing how it is dealt with nowadays.”, Lotte told us earlier this week. Do check out her book, she is also on Instagram! Have a look at what Lotte had to say to us. 


Let’s start with talking about the book. Tell us the inspiration behind it, and could you tell us a little bit about it? 

What inspired me to write ‘Shattered into pieces’ was simply the fact that I believe my knowledge and experience of the things I went through, could be useful to share with others who may have or are experiencing the same things. I wrote this book because I wanted to change the way people looked at the topics I talk and elaborate about in my story. My wish to make people understand the importance and weight of mental health issues inspired me to write ‘Shattered Into Pieces’.

‘Shattered into pieces’ is about my story, and experience with depression, anxiety and abuse. I write about how a little ‘Love story’ unfolded and turned into the most traumatizing thing I have lived through in the eighteen years of my life. I explain and tell my story in such a raw and natural manner, exactly the way I perceived it. The book is like a roller coaster of emotions, one moment there’s nothing but positivity and one miracle after the other, and the next moment it is all about darkness and devastation. But as the ending comes near, it holds nothing but positivity as I talk about my challenging but successful recovery

What got you into writing?

As I was growing up I always found it hard to express my feelings and to communicate with others when I wasn’t at my best. So, once I grew into my teenage years I started journaling. One book after the other I filled with all of my worries and sorrows. It was my way of letting go and lifting a heavy weight of my shoulder. Whenever I wrote, I could be extremely honest and not have to worry about being judged or criticized for the way I was feeling. So, once I went through the heartbreaking experience and it turned into trauma, I chose to write about it. But this time I was convinced it was worth reading, so I published it.



Talk to us about the process – when did you start writing the book and how did this all come about? 

I started scribbling into my journal in March 2020. At first, it was all about positivity and about how insanely “happy” I was as nothing had happened as of yet. I wrote and wrote, every single day. About the person I had fallen so hard for, but once the tables turned the style of my writing changed drastically too. Writing became my therapy. I was devastated and angry, but on the other hand I wanted people to read about what I had to experience. Sadly nowadays in our society these things I went through have become “normal” and common. Feeling the way I felt throughout all those months, only made me stronger and gave me more will to pull through and put that book out there.


If you could tell your readers one thing before diving into the book, what would it be? 

I would tell them to try and take as much of my words as possible with them, and to try and keep an open mindset whilst reading my story. I personally know that my experience can be very triggering, graphic and upsetting in the book, so I would advise my readers fo stay positive throughout the process of reading the book.


Any tips for aspiring writers?  

One of my main tips for an aspiring writer would be to give yourself as much time as you can to write. A book needs time, a lot of patience and focus. The process is everything other than easy, so I would suggest them to plan everything out the way they want it in advance and to remember the purpose of writing a book. This will give them courage to keep going.


Can we look forward to any more books or pieces of writing in the future? 

My goal is to definitely continue writing. As of now all I have planned are just little ideas in my head. As I mentioned before, it is not an easy process. I am looking forward to sharing more of my life with the world as I believe it is an inspiring thing to do and it has inspired numerous people already.


Aside from this, you are also a model! How did you get into modeling? 

To become a model was always a dream of mine. As a little girl I loved to play dress up – and put on heels to walk up and down in my room. I loved putting on make-up and trying out new things every day. Once I turned 14 I got and amazing opportunity to join in on an Modeling agency and ever since then it has been my job to model professionally.


What do you like most about it and do you have any funny stories for us? 

What I like the most about modeling is definitely to walk the runway, this has been my favorite part of it all since the first time I walked for a fashion show. I also love meeting new people, so the fashion industry is just the right one for me! There never goes a day without me meeting new people from different countries and cultures. Till this day every shoot and show has been fun and entertaining in its very own way. It is always a new experience and I learn more every single time. Being a model has taught me so many things about myself that I never knew. I learned to be confident, and learned that beauty has so many flaws, edges and curves. I learned that working as a model, is art.

I am also part of an amazing team so work is never boring and there’s always loads of things to laugh about on set!