Chesma’s Cookies 

Launched in 2017, Chesma’s currently occupies a quaint little corner in Level 5 of One Galle Face. It is a must-visit if you are a fan of cookies, and if you are a little adventurous with your flavours, then even better as Chesma’s, while exclusively having one type of cashew-based, cashew-shaped cookie, they offer an incredible variety of flavours and frostings for you to try. 

Speaking to Founder Nirosha De silva she shared the beautiful story behind Chesma’s – she shared how her aunt, that is her mother’s sister had befriended a Polish lady who lived in Sri Lanka, who shared with her the recipe for these special cookies and the same recipe has since been in the family for years and has developed in to a delicacy they’ve all grown to enjoy.

Nirosha shared that when her daughter went to Australia she would send her these cookies and considering how quickly they would disappear her daughter encouraged her guaranteeing that Sri Lankans are also to surely love this as well. 

When the opportunity presented itself to develop her cookie venture into a full blown business Nirosha decided on the brand name “Chesma’s” as it was what her aunt was lovingly known as, and a brand new soon to be incredibly successful cookie business was born. 

While Chesma’s originally started with the basic cookie structure, truly valuing its originality and unique texture – staying true to that family recipe, they have since expanded their flavour options now offering nearly 16 to 17 flavors including flavours like red velvet, cherry, and multiple chocolate options. They also have novelty flavours like rosemary, and ginger, the former of which has become a surprise hit amongst her customers, said Nirosha. 

They also have sugar-free options, gluten-free cookies and vegan options covering all dietary bases so just about anyone is sure to find something they like at Chesma’s. 

It is important to note here that Chesma’s cookies are so popular primarily because, of course they are delicious and melt in your mouth, but most notably they use very little sugar in their batches, and the near negligible amount of sugar is what makes the cookies so addictive. You can have quite a lot of it without getting an uncomfortable sugar high, it’s quite perfect. 

Nirosha shared that the reason why she even decided to get started on Chesma’s is due to how different it is, noting that had it been a standard baked good she may not have taken the initiative as there are plenty of wonderful bakers out there and that’s a well-tread territory. 

Having started at the Good Market, Nirosha shared that her products are still available at the Good Market, at their One Galle Face outlet and of course for direct orders through their social media where they offer islandwide delivery. 

Chesma’s is also incredibly popular amongst corporates and those who put together care packages and hampers as the packaging is pretty ideal for such parcels and Chesma’s offers the opportunity to swap out their original branding and to include your own company or promoting brands branding label on their packaging. They also have a lovely Christmas package that is quite popular as well with original Chesma’s branding. 

If you are looking for a relatively healthy but also incredibly delicious gift option to share with your loved ones or a unique delicacy to brighten up your gift basket then Chesma’s might be for you.