Chinese Embassy requests citizens to postpone visits to SL

The Chinese Embassy in Colombo has informed its nationals from Coronavirus affected areas including Hubei Province to cancel or postpone their visits to Sri Lanka, the Embassy said in a press statement.

The Embassy added that Chinese authorities have responded to the epidemic with the highest attention, and have taken strict measures to control it from further spread.

It has also fully cooperated with Sri Lankan departments and taken effective precautions, trying the very best to protect Sri Lanka and its people from the epidemic, the release said.

The Embassy says that the following measures have been taken by the authorities:

  • The Chinese government has temporarily closed exit enter channels to cities which have been most vulnerable and much affected by the epidemic.
  • The Chinese government has cancelled all outbound group travels.
  • The Chinese government has been keeping close which on travel groups from China, and reported and sent suspicious fever cases to hospitals at the earliest time requesting people on the same group to stop travelling and quarantine themselves.
  • The Chinese Embassy has shared information including fever cases and the patients’ agenda with Sri Lanka authorities.
  • The Chinese Embassy has at the earliest time released the notice requesting tourists who have already arrived in Sri Lanka from the epidemic-affected area to cancel their plans, and avoid crowded places.
  • The Chinese Embassy has advised that tourists from including Hubei Province postponed or cancel their plans epidemic affected areas. to visit Sri Lanka.