Chirana and Juno 

By Olu Anthony

Have you met a Husky that loves to sunbathe, even when they’re made for the snow? Well, you’re about to read about one now. Juno is not very loud, unless you try to touch him. An introverted dog among introverted people. Chirana, Juno’s best friend tells us that, if he gets bread and butter to eat, he’s as obedient as ever. 

Please introduce yourself and your pawfriend to us. 

I’m Chirana Chandrasiri. I’m 14 years old. This is Juno. He is a 3-year-old Husky, which is born and bred in Sri Lanka. 

When did you get Juno? And why a Husky? 

I got him in 2018. I had been asking my parents for a Husky for about four years, nonstop. We once went on vacation, where there was an uncle, and we knew that he had Huskies for sale. That is when my mother finally agreed. I always wanted a dog because it’s fun to have one. I had been going over German Shepherds and Huskies, but I settled on Huskies because they are more energetic. 

How does feeding Juno work? 

It is more of a freestyle. He always has a bowl of food downstairs, which he eats whenever he feels like. If he ever doesn’t eat, we mix his food with butter and chicken. He is a big fan of bread, so we add some bread as well. He normally eats after he walks, and in the morning and night. This feeding pattern has not affected him badly so far, but our vet has warned us that not timing his meals could give him gastritis and other complications. 

What are some noticeable traits about Juno? 

He has beautiful blue eyes. He sheds a lot. He loves to go on walks. He has made a lot of friends outside, who are all neighbours’ dogs. He loves people. Even though Huskies are supposed to be built for the snow, Juno loves to sunbathe. Even when we turn on the A/C he sits outside. We think it is because his parents were brought up here, so they’re all used to the heat more. He does not like physical affection. He hates hugs. He usually sleeps during the day. He plays a lot during the night. 

You said that Juno was recently diagnosed with Tick fever. How did you notice that he was sick? What did you do about it? 

We took him to the vet a week ago because he was very unlike himself. He was very lethargic, refusing his food and even refusing to go on his favourite walks. I also discovered a lot of ticks on his face. When he was not getting better, we took him to the vet, where he was diagnosed with Tick fever. We were able to get him the proper medication prescribed by our vet. He is feeling much better now, although he is yet to fully recover. 

If Juno decides to be a brat, how would you react? 

The best thing about Juno behaving badly is that, whenever he misbehaves, he knows it. He himself will go to a corner and give himself a time-out. I have scolded him. But he is usually the first to punish himself. 

How often do you take him on walks? Why do you think it is important? 

Huskies are very energetic. Taking them on walks helps them release that energy in a very healthy way. They also eat a lot and often so there are a lot of calories to burn. We take him on a walk once a day. 

What would he do if he escapes the gate? 

When he was a puppy he loved to explore. Whenever he got the chance, he would go to a neighbour’s house. That has happened twice so far. Now, even if he goes out, he takes a minute to check the surroundings and comes back in. 

How do you deal with the shedding? 

We try to brush him off as much as we can. We also vacuum our house as often as possible, but it is never entirely under control. We have just come to accept that this is what we are going to live with and are okay with it. If I see his coat bunching up on his mane, I brush him. 

If you had to leave him alone for a while, where would you keep him? 

Outside, in the garden. He loves running around, playing by himself if no one is around, or he would sleep in the shade. I think he prefers being outside. 

Is he a fan of dog treats? 

He hated dog treats when he was younger. He would eat bread anytime, though. He eats chicken mixed with dog food sometimes. He also used to love cheese which he hates now. 

Tell us about the Instagram account where our audience can stay updated about Juno. 

The name of the account is @juno_thegreat1. I post about his daily life there, and how I think he sees life as a dog.