Choosing the ‘Write’ Path

“Choosing the Write Path” is a webinar organised by teen magazine ChoKoLAATe that looks to talk to aspiring writers and content creators, giving them insight into how people used writing as an outlet during the lockdown, and how budding writers can make a mark for themselves in Sri Lanka. 

Consulting with an eminent panel of writers, Choosing the Write Path will look at the personal and professional experiences of these writers and look at how to channel creativity into writing. The panel will include writer and corporate trainer Mandy Jayatissa; Roar Media journalist Kris Thomas; writer, editor, and literary mentor Dr. Devika Brendon; author and teacher of speech, drama, and communication Nadishka Aloysius; and ChoKoLAATe Founder and Managing Director Michelle Gunasekera. The panel will be moderated by ChoKoLAATe Project and Event Co-ordinator and writer Amana Iflal.
Amanda Jayatissa is an avid reader and science fiction writer. Her first novel The Other One was self-published in 2017 and won the Fairway National Literary Award for an English Novel. Her second novel has been completed and is being represented by Melissa Danaczko of the Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency in New York.

Kris Thomas is an experienced journalist who has worked with newspapers and digital media. Presently a journalist for Roar, Thomas follows up on stories of the lesser-known, unheard-of, and often unspoken human conditions.

Dr. Devika Brendon is an editor as well as a writer, reviewer, teacher, and literary mentor to writers of all ages. Her poetry and short stories have been published in Australia and India by Pan Macmillan, and also in Italy and India in literary journals and anthologies. She also reviews books in Australia, India, and here in Sri Lanka in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Island, and literary journals including the Rochford Street Review (Australia) and the Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics (India). She is the Consultant Editor at FemAsia Magazine and a member of the Editorial Board of the literary journal New Ceylon Writing.

Nadishka Aloysius is a teacher, actor, author, book reviewer, podcaster, and mother of two. Her writing was shortlisted for the Best Children’s Book at the State Literary Awards 2019. She was a finalist at the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2019. She was also long-listed for the Gratiaen Award 2019. A teacher of drama and English language with 20 years’ experience,  Aloysius conducts creative writing workshops and visits schools to share her love of literature. Her podcast Kid Lit Corner can be listened to on

Michelle Gunasekara is the Founder and Managing Director of ChoKoLAATe. Writing her first book at the age of 11, Gunasekara has gone on to write many short stories with the dream of being published one day.  She founded ChoKoLAATe with the aim to give youth in Sri Lanka a platform to showcase their talent and achievements and provide aspiring writers a base to build their careers on. 

Speaking on Choosing the Write Path, Gunasekera commented that this webinar is part of a weekly series which hopes to become a platform that inspires youth on topics of creativity by consulting with a wide variety of creative professionals across all disciplines and looks to excite the ChoKoLAATe reader with just a little bit of everything. 

Choosing the Write Path will consult with the panel allowing them to share their experiences and discuss how aspiring writers can harness their creativity, and use this creativity in writing. The webinar will cover topics like how to write, how aspiring writers can build careers in journalism and media, and how to monetise talent as a writer. 

The Choosing the Write Path webinar will take place on Sunday, 5 July at 5 p.m., streamed live on ChoKoLAATe’s Facebook page, and will also be available post-session on ChoKoLAATe’s YouTube channel.