Code of The Ancient’s Right 

  • Shehara to collaborate internationally on latest single 

Metal queen Shehara, who has made waves in the metal scene in Sri Lanka, is to release a new song in collaboration with several famous artists around the globe. The song, by the name “Code of The Ancient’s Right”, will stress on the importance of listening to the teachings of old and protecting the Earth. The song will feature vocals from Shehara (Sri Lanka), bass from Mohini Dey (India), guitars by Fasy (Maldives), Krysto (based in the US) on keys, and Hambe (Maldives) on drums. 

Shehara from Sri Lanka Photo © Praveen Mirando Photography

We caught up with Shehara and Hambe to learn more about the upcoming collaboration. Here are some excerpts of the interview.

 What genre will the song be in? What elements of music have you worked into the track? 

Hambe: The song is melodic/progressive metal. It started off with a loop from Logic and once there was groove and sequence, Krysto, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina but now based in the US, helped compose the song and Shehara from Sri Lanka contributed with lyrics and all vocals. 

How did this collaboration come about? 

Hambe: Currently there isn’t a female metal vocalist in the Maldives and due to the pandemic, physical collaboration wasn’t an option. So I asked Suresh from Stigmata if he knew any good female metal vocalists in Sri Lanka. That’s how I got to work with Shehara. The project grew from there. Fasy from FasyLive, now based in Malaysia, agreed to join the project. I contacted Mohini Dey, one of the best bassists globally and Habeysboduberu from the Maldives for Bodu Beru – tribal/ethnic percussion. 

Hambe from the Maldives

What was it like working with international artists? 

Hambe: It’s a completely different era now for the music industry as well. It’s not the same as it was 15 years ago. Now, location doesn’t matter. Files can be shared, music can be created with anyone anywhere on the globe. It was awesome and a great experience to work with talented artists from different countries. 

Shehara: In terms of communication, it is efficient and safe, especially during times of the pandemic. It’s possible because all of us are equipped with the right gear to record individually. It was humbling and motivating to be selected because Hambe was looking for a Sri Lankan extreme metal vocalist. Overall, it has just been really beautiful to connect through music and share a common message through each of our talents, even though we’re all from different countries. 

What was the biggest challenge of working with artists who aren’t in the same country? 

Hambe: As mentioned earlier, if you have a good internet connection, location doesn’t matter. 

Let’s talk about the lyrics of the song. What is the message behind it? 

Shehara: The lyrics are all about the messages left behind for us by our ancestors and ancient civilisations, about the importance of living in harmony with mother nature and taming the chaos within before projecting it on the environment around us. 

The more I look around, the more it breaks my heart to see our Earth being harmed and destroyed by the hands of humans. We’re already living in total chaos and don’t you think by now, with pandemics, more frequent natural disasters, and cruelty everywhere, we need to stop, now more than ever? I feel like the ancient teachings are all forgotten. I feel like the true knowledge of the human and nature connection (which is all within us, just as much as it is all around us) is being swept off as bogus. And all of this is embedded in the lyrics.

 Will there be a music video? Can you reveal any details? 

Hambe: Yes. I don’t want to disclose any info on it yet though. 

In your opinion, does music help spread important messages to your audience? 

Shehara: Definitely. Yes. There’s a message and emotion embedded in every bar and line. 

And the song as a whole itself stands as an example of unity above labels and therefore proves that music is the language of Earth that connects all beings. This is an example of how humans can work together through sheer willpower, emotional connection, and understanding towards a common goal that benefits our planet over the chaos of societal constructs. 

Do you have anything else coming up for the year? 

Hambe: I am working on numerous collaborations, some already released and one single is actually going to be released on the 15th (today), which is an Arabic Maldivian fusion. 

Shehara: I have another single coming out in the next few months and music videos in the making. In the meantime, please join us on our socials and await the release of Code of The Ancient Right which comes out in August. 

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