Common symptoms seen in post-Covid-19 patients 

BY Pamodi Waravita 

Respiratory Diseases Specialist at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka (NHSL) in Colombo Dr. Ashaa Samaranayake said yesterday (21) that most post-Covid-19 patients show common symptoms such as breathing difficulties, asthma, insomnia, extreme physical fatigue, and mental health complications such as depression and anxiety. 

“The first four weeks after a person contracts the virus is known as the active period. After the fourth week, it is known as the post-Covid-19 period. Visible post-Covid-19 symptoms could indicate complications in the respiratory system, the nervous system and the heart,” noted Dr. Samaranayake at a press briefing held yesterday. 

While adding that the elderly and those with chronic diseases are more at risk of post-Covid-19 complications, she assured that only a small number of patients however faced such complications. 

She added that having a balanced and healthy diet, and the continued intake of fluids and staying hydrated are essential during this period. 

The Morning reported last week that the NHSL is treating about 20 patients who have faced post-Covid-19 complications. Sri Lanka is currently facing a severe spread of the Delta variant (B.1.617.2 of Indian origin) in all districts. The Health Promotion Bureau (HPB) said that 2,475 new cases and 136 deaths were reported on 14 September due to the virus.