Compensations to victims, Singapore model of maintaining harmony & many other recommendations in PCoI report

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) on Easter Sunday attacks has made a number of recommendations including compensations to the victims and going for a legislation similar to the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act (MRHA) of Singapore.

These recommendations have been made apart from action against those responsible for the attacks.

The PCoI recommended to pay Rs.2 million on behalf of each victim who died in the attacks and Rs. 500,000 each to those suffer injuries.

The report said compensations have been paid on behalf of 220 victims who were killed but 51 more should be compensated.

“The victims of the series of attacks that took place in the aftermath of the Easter bombings should also be compensated,” it said.

The rehabilitation of the victims, taking measures to ensure the national security and prevention of recurrence of attacks are key in recommendations.

The PCoI also recommended;

A ban on the registration of political parties with religious identity and to prevent the use of religion as a part of the name of a political party,

A ban on the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS),

The introduction of a legislature similar to the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act (MRHA) of Singapore to promote harmony among the different religious groups with most suitable amendments,

Reforms to Intelligence Units, Police Department and proper coordination among these institutions,

That the governing political party should not have any control over the national security and the national security should be the priority of the State,

Introducing the ‘One country – One Law’ concept, and

One ministry for all religions with separate departments under it.