Constituent Party meeting held: Yugadanavi deal skipped

The 11 constituent parties of the Government met with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa last evening (24), where various issues were discussed. However, The Morning learns that the topic of the Yugadanavi deal was skipped.

While speaking to The Morning, Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara confirmed the same.

“The meeting went well, we discussed the teacher salary anomalies, the Budget for 2022 and the Parliamentary programme for the upcoming week. The fertiliser issue was discussed in length as well last night and with the feedback received from all parties, the fertiliser issue and the teacher salary issue will resolve with time. We received feedback from all districts in the Island,” said Nanayakkara.

When inquired about the teachers salary anomalies, Nanayakkara responded by saying that all teachers will report to work today as promised and the anomalies will be resolved in due time.

“The politically motivated activities will not stop, but the teacher and fertiliser issue will gradually settle down. That was the impression we received from all the feedback we got,” concluded Nanayakkara.