Consumer Affairs Authority requests for KG value to be mentioned on gas cylinders

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has observed that the newly introduced 18 Ltr cylinder is excessively priced in the market compared to the 12.5 kg cylinder. It also notes that companies have not disclosed weight in kilograms on cylinders, preventing buyers from making informed purchase decisions.

As a result, several measures have been taken to overcome these issues which were prevailing in the market.

“The Consumer Affairs Council and the Consumer Affairs Authority have proposed suggestions to the Cabinet of Ministers and Cabinet has approved to issue two gazette notifications,” the CAA stated in a press release.

They proposed to instruct LPG companies to mention LPG weight in kilogram enabling consumers to understand the weight of gas in kg contained in the cylinder (Direction No. 82) and restrict LPG Manufactures, Distributors, Dealer and Traders to sell 18 Ltr cylinder at excessive price.

The Gazette notification has been imposed reducing 18 Ltr/9.6 kg Maximum Retail Price(MRP) from 1.395/= to 1,150/= (Colombo) (Order No. 74).

Litro Gas Lanka Ltd has ensured to release 12.5 kg and 18 Ltr/9.6kg LPG cylinders to the market without scarcity for the daily needs of the consumers.

“Actions have been taken to deliver the LPG Gas cylinders at the price imposed by the Authority.
All consumers are hereby requested to immediately inform the Consumer Affairs Authority via telephone number 1977, if they are unable to purchase gas cylinders at MRP imposed by the authority and if weight is not mentioned in kgs,” the CAA said.

Further, the Chairman, Litro Gas has confirmed that the company has already informed all dealers the Maximum Retail Price to sell the products.