Covid-19 prevention health guidelines no action against violators: PHIs 

  • Health guidelines not legally binding
  • PHIs continue to monitor situation 

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

So far, no action has been taken against those who violated the health guidelines issued by the Government after the country was reopened following the end of the Covid-19-related curfew that prevailed for over three months as a measure to control the spread of the virus, according to the Public Health Inspectors’ Union of Sri Lanka (PHIUSL).

PHIUSL President Upul Rohana told The Morning that the PHIs couldn’t take any action against the violators as the guidelines issued by the Government were not legally binding.

“The guidelines were not gazetted and therefore no action can be taken against the violators,” he added.

When asked whether the PHIs were warning the public and monitoring their adherence, the Union President said they observed that quite a large number of people within society were not following the basic guidelines. “In some areas, people are not even wearing face masks,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Rohana stressed that the PHIs are strictly monitoring the ongoing quarantine processes and those under quarantine at home, especially, are being monitored by the PHIs.

Before they are released from the quarantine centres, they inform the PHI of the respective area and the respective PHI should continuously monitor those who were under home quarantine.