Covid-19 treatment centres : Several prisons ready for conversion

  • Three prisons ready if need arises  

Three prisons have been identified to be converted into Covid-19 treatment centres if the need arises, The Sunday Morning learnt.
Commissioner General of Prisons Thushara Upuldeniya said that the Welikada Magazine Prison was among those selected for this purpose if needed.
“Welikada Prison, Angunakolapelessa Prison, and a part of the Bogambara Prison will be utilised and transformed into Covid-19 treatment centres if such a need arises,” he said.

Upuldeniya noted that plans were underway to do so in case of an outbreak within the prison system. 
“We have not initiated any plans just yet. We are making arrangements to convert these prisons into treatment centres only if the need arises and if there is a severe Covid-19 outbreak in the prison system.”
He added that over 600 patients could be housed among the three selected prisons. 
“We estimate that around 600 patients or a little more could be treated in these three prisons if they’re converted into treatment centres.”