Customs orders companies to re-export unrefined oil within the week

The Director General of Customs has informed the relevant companies that the stocks of unrefined coconut oil which were found to be substandard have to be re-exported within this week.

For the second time, it was confirmed that the coconut oil imported by three companies contained a high percentage of a powerful carcinogen called aflatoxin.

Accordingly, the Director General of Customs, retired Major General G.V. Ravipriya stated that the companies that imported the unrefined coconut oil containers were instructed to re-export the stocks.

The All Ceylon Traditional Coconut Oil Producers’ Association revealed at a recent media briefing that 13 containers of imported coconut oil contained the carcinogenic agent ‘aflatoxin’.

Subsequently, the matter was brought to the notice of a number of parties and the Standards Institution stated that the unrefined coconut oil was found to be substandard.

Accordingly, investigations are being carried out in several areas.