Cybercrimes in Sri Lanka double in 2020

The number of cybercrimes in Sri Lanka has increased to 8255 within the period of 2019 December to 2020 July, which was a large surge from last year’s cybercrime count of 3562, Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) told the Morning.

Among them, 97.4% were social media cybercrimes such as impersonating other people through fake profiles, 0.07% were financial/ email frauds, 0.025% were abuse, hate and privacy violation through phone hacking, and 2.5% were caused by ransomeware and phishing.

The most cybercrime increase has been seen through social media privacy violation and impersonation through fake profiles as the percentage of social media cybercrime has increased from 74.7% to 97.4% in 2020.