Cyclotron-based Radiopharmaceuticals to be produced in Sri Lanka

Cabinet approval has been given for the Government’s decision to implement a Cyclotron-based Radiopharmaceuticals Manufacturing Center at the Kotelawala Defense University Hospital premises in Werahera in collaboration with the Atomic Energy Board of Sri Lanka.

This decision was taken due to the lack of facilities in Sri Lanka to test for the radioactive drug Fluorodeoxyglucose which is being used for PET and CT Tests that conducted to diagnose cancers. A special device called Cyclotron is used to produce this drug.

“Due to the radioactive decay, about 97% of the capacity of the drug is lost when imported from India. Only 10 patients can be treated from the remaining capacity. Although there is a need to test about 30,000 patients annually, due to this only a capacity of 1,600 patients can be tested. It costs the government around Rs. 54,000 to test one patient using the imported drug. If the drug is manufactured locally, the cost can be reduced to Rs. 14,000,” the government said.