Daily repatriation from Saturday

The airports would be open for daily repatriation flights from Saturday (8), The Sunday Morning learnt.

Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd. (AASL) Chairman Major General (Retd.) G.A. Chandrasiri said that it was part of gradually recommencing the repatriation process.

“Both Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) and Mahinda Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA) will be opened for flights from 8 August onwards,” he said, noting that daily flights have been scheduled to arrive. 

He said that two flights had already come in on Friday (31) and earlier this morning (2), bringing Sri Lankans from the Middle East.

“One flight on 31 July with 350 passengers and another around 1 a.m. on 2 August with a similar number of passengers are to arrive from Dubai.”

He asserted that the airport was not open for tourist flights.

“The airport is being opened only for the repatriation programme. No other flights will be allowed,” Chandrasiri said.