Democrats claim victory in key Virginia and Kentucky elections

US Democrats have made gains in state elections, in what is being seen as a blow to President Donald Trump.

Democrat Andy Beshear claimed victory in Kentucky’s governor vote, after a tight race in the conservative-leaning, state.

Meanwhile, Democrats seized full control of the legislature in Virginia for the first time in over 20 years.

The results are being viewed as a gauge of the political mood ahead of next year’s presidential election.

However, Republicans held onto power in the Mississippi governor vote, following a closely-fought race.

President Trump tweeted about Tuesday’s election results in Mississippi and Kentucky.

In that state, Beshear claimed victory over incumbent Republican governor Matt Bevin after final results gave him a lead of 0.4%.

Bevin, 52, has reportedly said he will not concede, citing unspecified “irregularities”.

However,  Beshear, a 41-year-old attorney general whose father was a former governor of the state, said: “We will be ready for that first day in office and I look forward to it.”

The loss will be seen as a setback for Trump, who attempted to galvanise support for Bevin at a campaign rally in Kentucky on Monday night.

In a speech to thousands of supporters, Trump said a loss for Bevin would be characterised as “the greatest defeat in the history of the world” by his critics.

Trump, who won Kentucky in the 2016 presidential election, said Beshear was “too extreme and too dangerous” to govern the state. BBC