Derana Little Star Season 11 Finale 



The Grand Finale of Derana Little Star (Season 11) was held last Saturday (6). The contestants competed under two age categories – under 8 and under 12 for two titles: Most Talented Singer/Dancer selected by a panel of judges and the Most Popular Singer/Dancer selected by the number of votes received.  
We caught up with the winners of Derana Little Star Season 11 and he’s what they shared with The Sunday Morning Little Stars.


Shanuki Dinooda – Most Popular Star, Under 12 Dancing 

“I am a student of Gothami Balika Vidyalaya and I am currently in grade seven. I have been dancing since I was very young and everyone says that I have a born talent. 
I feel so lucky to have become the most popular star and I want to thank all my friends and relatives who supported me throughout this journey.”

Radin Randiv – Most Popular Star, Under 8 Dancing

“I am a grade four student of Christ King College, Pannipitiya. I am eight years old. I have been dancing ever since I remember and started learning it as an art in my nursery years. I love learning Udarata, Pahatharata, and Sabaragamuwa traditional dancing methods. 
I practised well for the final competition and I am thankful to my teacher Amila Ilukkumbura, Manju sir, and Miss Nilangi for the support they have given me. Also, my grandmother was always there for me.”

Dihein Dulwin – Most Popular Star, Under 8 Singing

“I am Dihein Dulwin Wijesooriya and I am a grade two student of Lyceum International School, Wattala. I am six years old and I live in Kelaniya. It was my mother and father who trained me and guided me towards getting into the final round of the competition. I didn’t get trained under any other master. I have a brother and I love playing cricket with him.”

Binara Nimsara – Winner, Under 12 Dancing 

“My father says that I had a talent for dancing from a very young age but it was my teacher Kavindu Nilhan Kuruppu who trained me towards this achievement. I like practising traditional dancing and I also love freestyle dancing. 
I study at St. Thomas’ Boys College, Matara and I am 12 years old. I had a dream to bring the Little Star award to Matara and I made it happen. I am over the moon. I want to thank all my supporters including the chief monk of Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple, Ven. Kanaththegoda Saddharathana Thero.”

Manumi Withumsa – Winner and Most Popular Star, Under 12 Dancing 

“I am 11 years old and currently a student of Southlands College, Galle. I am from Thalagaha, Galle. I didn’t dream of becoming the most popular star but I dreamt of becoming the most talented star. I am excited that I was able to bag both titles. 
I got admission to Southlands College following my good results in the scholarship exam. I scored 189 marks. I want to thank my supporters, especially Buddhika sir, Miss Adal, my teachers Thilini and Nadeera from Southlands College, and my piano teacher Miss Navoda. I don’t know if it makes sense, but I want to be a singing doctor when I am older.”

Dewgi Tharumila – Winner, Under 8 Dancing 

“My full name is Dewgi Tharumila Kahandawala. I am eight years old. I am a student of Sri Yashodara Maha Vidyalaya Malabe and I am in grade three. I attend Kaduwela Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi Dhamma School on Sundays. 
I started learning dancing when I was very young as my father, Dayan Kahandawala, is a dancing master. He is the one who encouraged me and trained me to compete well in this tournament. I would love to become a chef in the future.”

Shasinhu Sathsara – Winner, Under 8 Singing 

“I am Shasinhu Sathsara Jayasinge and I am from Rakwana. My school is Rakwana St. Anthony’s College. I am nine years old. I haven’t decided what my ambition is yet but I do know that I want to continue to sing and learn music. 
I studied music under the guidance of Nishshanka Sisira; he is a teacher at Wabotuwa College, Nivithigala. I also want to thank Miss Dilki Kanchana for choreographing my items. Special thanks go to all my supporters including my friends and relatives.” 

Samadari Nithya – First Runner-up, Under 12 Singing 

“I am 12 years old and a student of Malabe Sri Rahula Vidyalaya. I am from Kothalawala, Kaduwela. I was trained by my mother who is a music teacher and my brother. I am so happy that I became the first runner-up. 
I want to become a skilled singer when I am older and I also want to teach children.”