DIMO to enter agro tourism with park in Dambulla

The management of DIMO at the official opening of chalets

DIMO Agribusinesses, the agriculture arm of Diesel and Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), has selected its agri techno park located in Dambulla to embark on its journey in agro tourism.

DIMO Agribusinesses owns three agri techno parks located in Dambulla (mid-country), Nikaweratiya (low country), and Lindula (upcountry, wet zone) which operate with the aim of carrying out research and development, seed production, and farmer education and training activities while also acting as a model farm in each respective region.

The company said it intends to enter the agro tourism market through these parks to cater to the growing number of tourists who are interested in an agriculture-based holiday experience. Tourists will have the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and experience about the agricultural way of life in the country while staying in luxury cabanas or holiday bungalows located inside these agri techno parks. The company officially opened two luxury chalets inside the Dambulla Agri Techno Park recently and said it expects to commence operations soon.

DIMO Chairman/Managing Director Ranjith Pandithage stated: “Agro Tourism is a vast area and this is our first initiative in this field. We have selected our Agri Techno Park in Dambulla for this project since it is equipped with high-tech agriculture facilities that enhance sustainable agriculture and is also situated in a beautiful location which will allow us to offer a real agricultural experience to the tourists.”

DIMO Group CEO Gahanath Pandithage said: “Agro Tourism is an important factor in the future tourism industry and many countries heavily focus on this area. Sri Lanka also needs to seriously look at agro tourism. These types of initiatives will have a positive impact on the companies’ profitability and it is great that DIMO has made its footprint in this sector.”

This agri techno park is situated in the Matale District of the Central Province, covering 30 acres of land. It facilitates knowledge transfer by acting as a co-ordinating hub to bring together expertise from established institutions and organisations in the areas of plant production, agribusinesses, and technology development. It will also provide planting materials of vegetable and fruit plants registered under the Department of Agriculture. The park will be armed with a knowledge sharing centre for farmers, students, and related parties.