Disath’s love for Toothless  


By Kusumanjalee Thilakarathna


Photos Krishan Kariyawasam


In the day and age we are living in, there is no greater lesson we need to learn than to be kind to each other, protect our loved ones at all costs, and do whatever it takes to keep them safe. One way children can learn these great qualities is by watching and reading stories about great personalities. The superhero movies that we love are mostly based on these values and in that sense, superheroes are also great teachers. The “How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy is one of the best children’s movies we’ve seen. Although Hiccup and Toothless, the two main characters, are not superheroes, they too are fearless and do whatever it takes to protect their loved ones. This animated film comes to life in the world of Vikings and dragons, and is very entertaining.

Today on the Little Stars cover is an eight-year-old boy, Disath Wickramasinghe, who believes that Hiccup and Toothless are the best heroes he has encountered in the movie theatre. He is a movie enthusiast and dreams of making movies and helping those who are in need – just like a superhero – when he is older. 


Disath, tell us about yourself.

My name is Disath Deeegayu Wickramasinghe. I am eight years old. I go to St. John’s in Panadura. My mother’s name is Sujani Soysa Wickramasinghe and my father’s name is Kalana Pradeep Wickramasinghe. My father is a dental surgeon and my mother is a quantity surveyor. I have a pet dog and her name is Luna. I don’t play with her because I am a little scared of her. Currently, I don’t have any brothers or sisters, but we are going to have a little baby soon. I am looking forward to that.

I like to do clay work and to draw. I also like to play in the mud. But when you do that you have to go get cleaned up every time.


We know that you like to draw. When did you start and what do you like to draw the most? 

I can’t remember exactly, but I started when I was really small. I only like to doodle, and doodling Toothless from “How to Train your Dragon” is my favourite thing to do. He is so playful and I like drawing him so much.


Seems like your favourite movie character is Toothless. Is there anyone else that you like?

I like Godzilla, the king of the monsters, too. I am not sure if I like superheroes much. Batman is the leader of all superheroes, but I like Iron Man more because he has more powers. I love the Iron Spider more than Spider-Man. I loved Spider-Man’s suit in the movie Spider Man: Homecoming. It was really nice.

I like to go to superhero age and dragon age when I want to visit them.


What do you mean by that? How do you go to superhero age and dragon age?

Well, I use a map. All I have to do is to balance my feet and jump, and then do a roar. And this map, you know, is in my mind.


If you could get a superpower or a magical power, what would you like to get?

Well, I’d like to be able to jump at great heights. And I would like to use this power to help people.

I try to practise jumping at home. But my mother and father don’t really like that. I jump on the settee when I have free time. But I am always told to stop jumping on the settee and get back to doing something more useful. I really don’t understand that.


Do you play any sports?

I like to ride bicycles. I have a small bicycle at home with me which I love to ride. But it is in the garage now. I also play chess in school.


We heard that you have many toys that you play with. What is your favourite toy?

It is a very difficult question to answer because I don’t have the toy I love the most. But from what I have, I don’t like the dinosaur toys and the superhero toys.


What is your favourite toy that you said you don’t have?

It is Toothless of course. I need one. Sadly, no one’s yet given me one.


What is your favourite subject at school?



Why is that?

Well, in school, you always have to work, work, and work. I don’t like that. I like to learn about dragons, but the school does not teach anything about dragons. I like to learn about animals and look at their pictures.


What would you like to become when you are older?

I’d like to become a character from a story, because I like movies. My favourite character to be is Toothless. I’d like to make movies when I am older.

I would also like to become a pilot when I am older. And sometimes, I think about becoming a painter too. I like art and I like to doodle all the time. That’s also one of my favourite things to do.