Doctor urges reconsideration of Covid-19 decision making 

  • Highlights weaknesses in travel bio-bubble 

BY Dinitha Rathnayake 

Government Medical Practitioners Association President Dr. Lakshman Edirisnghe urged the authorities to reconsider their decision-making process, noting that the Delta (B.1.617.2) Covid-19 variant of Indian origin is sweeping across Sri Lanka, while there is a rise in the number of patients reported daily and the number of deaths. 

“The capacity of some hospitals has reached a maximum due to the number of patients. The entire health staff, including doctors, is being placed at a great inconvenience.” 

He emphasised that while the economy should be taken care of, every decision should be made on a scientific basis, including in connection with getting down tourists. 

“The biological travel bubble can be considered as an acceptable method under special circumstances. For example, a team should be there when there is a cricket match as the team should be brought in under a bio bubble. When attracting tourists under a bio bubble, the country’s system must be prepared for that,” he stated. 

Dr. Edirisinghe also stressed that there is a risk of a crisis arising when decisions are made by considering only one side of the issue.

“Our pandemic curve is not yet in a downward trend. We have to calculate when a decline in this epidemic curve will occur. There are scientific factors that affect it. That fact must be taken into account.” 

Before attracting tourists under a bio bubble, it is also necessary to determine how long the existing travel restrictions will last, he noted. 

He also pointed out that after scientifically resolving the issues that need to be resolved before attracting tourists, it should be decided whether the country will be opened up for tourists within a certain period of time, how it will be opened and what areas will be opened.