Don’t fall for my fake relatives: IGP to Police

By Sumudu Chamara


Inspector General of Police (IGP) C.D. Wickramaratne, has informed high-ranking police officers to be vigilant of certain parties reportedly attempting to interfere with police investigations claiming to be relatives or close friends of the IGP.

In a letter dated 8 January 2021, the IGP has instructed all Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs), Deputy Inspector Generals of Police (DIGs), commanding officers/directors, Officers in-Charge (OICs) of police divisions, and OICs of police stations, to take necessary steps in this connection. He has urged them to contact three designated numbers if any person approaches the Police claiming to be the IGP’s relative or friend and attempts to interfere with investigations. The designated contact numbers are 071 859 1859 (Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) S.M. Keerthipala), 071 859 2290 (SSP W.J.N. Senaratne), or 071 859 2022 (Chief Inspector of Police [CI] K.M. Nakandala).
When contacted in this regard, the Police told The Morning that even though no official complaint has been filed in this connection so far, information has been received to suggest that certain parties are attempting to interfere with police investigations.

In the above-mentioned letter, the IGP has further noted that he has not granted permission to or encouraged any person to interfere with police investigations, including those conducted by police stations and/or special police units.

“If any officer is found to have entertained such requests and acted in a biased manner, disadvantaging a particular party, the relevant officer will be held accountable,” the IGP said, adding that disciplinary action will also be taken against any officer who fails to adhere to the above instructions issued by him.
The IGP has also instructed the Police to conduct investigations impartially despite unwarranted requests from various parties who claim to be his relatives/close friends.