Douglas invites Diaspora investments

By Sarah Hannan

Minister Douglas Devananda, assuming his duties at the Ministry of Fisheries on Thursday (13), called on the Diaspora to come forward to invest in their homeland and contribute towards building a stable government in Sri Lanka.

While Devananda awaits expressions of interest by them, he stated: “Tamil people and Tamil parties should use the current political environment based on our long-term theory of creating a suitable environment to develop the Northern and Eastern Provinces from which people have voted in Tamil politicians.”

In this situation, the Minister alleged that the Tamil people living in other countries have been interested in making various investments in the past, but the people observed that Tamil leaders mismanaged these investments and the middleman tried to misuse such monies to further their short-term interests.

Moreover, Devananda assured that, as a stable government is established by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, they will leave no room for such activities to take place or corruption to take root.

Devananda reiterated that the development and daily problems faced by the Tamil people can be solved promptly if the Diaspora realises its moral duty towards Sri Lanka and invests in the country.