Duminda Silva hospitalised, hospital sources remain mum on his condition

BY Ruwani Fonseka

Duminda Silva has been admitted to the Sri Jayawadenapura hospital today, sources revealed to The Morning.

Speaking to The Morning today (01), a hospital source mentioned that his medical condition cannot be revealed.

“He is admitted to ward 18 in the hospital. His medical condition cannot be revealed, but he is surely admitted,” said the source.

Meanwhile, speaking to The Morning, Police Spokesperson SSP Nihal Thalduwa stated that an arrest warrant has been issued by the Supreme Court and that if Silva’s condition is not critical he will be arrested.

“The Supreme Court has issued an arrest warrant. We are waiting for orders from the Inspector General and once that comes through we can arrest him. If his condition is not critical, he can be moved to the Prison Hospital,” said Thalduwa.