Election Commission receives 673 complaints

The Election Commission(EC) has received 673 complaints pertaining to the forthcoming presidential polls.

The complaints have been received during the period between 8-15 October.

The polls body noted that among the complaints were 650 instances of law violations, 06 violence-related incidents, and 17 other offences.

The polls body said, yesterday it had received 85 complaints alone, all regarding election law violations.

The EC’s Complaint Management Unit, and its District Complaint Management Unit are accepting complaints in the run-up to the November 16 presidential Election.

Meanwhile, PAFFREL has received 62 complaints since the announcement of the election on 18 September up until 14 October.

PAFFREL said, Malpractices of state officers, new appointments, transfers, promotions, usage of state officials for election campaigns, usage of different grants of the Government, illegal election campaigns were included in the 62 complaints.

The highest number of complaints is on misuse of state power & resources which counts to 26 complaints. ‘New appointments’ take precedence from these complaints, PAFFREL said.