Emergency NIC service launched through Divisional Secretariats

An emergency National Identity Card (NIC) service has been introduced instead of the one-day ID card service which was halted due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The emergency passport service will be carried out through Divisional Secretariats for those who require IDs for Examination, interviews, driving license and passport purposes.

Accordingly, individuals must get ID card applications approved by the respective Grama Niladhari Officer and submit it to the Local Divisional Secretariat.

The staff of the Divisional Secretariat will then input the applicant’s data into the system of Department for Registration of Persons.

The relevant ID card will then be processed and posted to the applicant through registered post.

Applicants who have prepared documents before 16 March for the one-day ID service , are requested to submit the documents as soon as possible to the Identity Card Division of their respective Local Divisional Secretariats.

Those who want to apply for the one-day IDs service, are requested to forward their applications to the Department for Registration of Persons and steps will be taken to process the IDs during a short period of time.

The department requests students who are sitting  for the O/L examinations this year to submit applications as soon as possible to the Local Divisional Secretariats, Provincial offices or the Department for Registration of Persons.