Employee at World Trade Centre tested positive

An employee of Acuity Knowledge Partners Lanka (Pvt) Ltd located on the 32nd floor of the West Tower of the World Trade Centre (WTC) in Colombo has tested positive for Covid 19 today (20).

The employee, who has tested positive this afternoon, had last visited WTC on 8 October.

The employee’s father had tested positive for Covid 19 earlier and he along with several colleagues at the WTC office had been in self isolation since then, an official at WTC told The Morning.

Soon after being informed of the employee who had tested positive, the WTC management had informed all offices at the premises about the development. They had also explained that the respective private company had conducted contact tracing of the employee as well and has taken all measures stipulated in the health guidelines.

The WTC official further noted that a deep disinfection process would be carried out covering the entire WTC premises.

WTC is home to the offices of some of the largest private and State institutions in Sri Lanka, and has over 80 floors of office space.