Eppawala Phosphate Deposit could be used for organic fertiliser

An exploration conducted at the Eppawala Phosphate Deposit by the Geological Mines and Survey Bureau (GMSB) has discovered that the four square kilometre area has about 25 million tonnes of phosphate which can be economically viable, especially for organic agriculture.

“The extensive survey conducted by the GMSB has identified that although there are several phosphate deposits, only the Eppawala one is economically viable. The deposit can be properly utilised for the production of a suitable fertiliser for organic agriculture,” a press release by the Environment Ministry noted yesterday (14).

Accordingly, the survey has identified that there are two zones in this deposit – northern and southern – which can endure for another 100 years. 

The exploration has been conducted by the GMSB in co-operation with the Ministries of Environment and Industries, following a court order in the early 2000s.