ESOFT offers full schols for Pearson BTEC HNDs

In recognition of the outstanding performance at the recently held GCE Advanced Level examinations, ESOFT has decided to offer the internationally recognised Pearson BTEC HND with a full scholarship to the island’s top rankers in their respective streams – Physical Science (Maths), Biological Science, Bio Technology, Engineering Technology, Arts, and Commerce.

With a futuristic vision to empower aspiring and talented students, this initiative by ESOFT is to offer the top rankers a holistic learning experience with a UK HND undergraduate programme. This will be vastly different from the mainstream local university degree and be an eye-opener to international education. As the Platinum Partner for Pearson in Sri Lanka, ESOFT’s Pearson BTEC HND programmes of 18 months will be offered in the Computing and Business Management streams as a full scholarship. 

The island’s top rankers can choose their preferred area of study from the two options and ESOFT allows successful completion of the course via online, part-time, modular basis or by attending classes at the campus. The extended flexibility is to ensure that the HND programme does not hinder their local university degree but rather supplements and enhances their overall learning. 

The HND programme will help groom the students with language proficiency, presentation skills, managerial skills, entrepreneurial outlook, and other related soft skills to make them geared to face the corporate world and take on challenges.