First-ever global running event in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan leg of the Standard Chartered Belt & Road Relay, will take place at the Arcade, Independence Square today.

A press conference was held in Colombo this morning to announce details about the race.

The first-ever global running event spanning the Belt and Road initiative, the Standard Chartered Belt & Road Rely aims to highlight the Bank’s continued commitment to Belt and Road, and the positive impact of the initiative to communities and businesses globally.

The Relay is being led by eight staff athletes from Standard Chartered, selected from the Bank’s diverse footprint in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe and the Americas.

These athletes will participate in running events across 44 Belt and Road markets within a 90-day period. To date they have completed 12 countries. For the Sri Lankan leg, the athletes will be joined by representatives from Standard Chartered, Sri Lanka.

Pictures by Krishan Kariyawasam