Fishermen want kerosene at Rs. 70 a litre 

BY Buddhika Samaraweera

Fishermen’s organisations have requested the Government to provide kerosene to the fishing community at a price of Rs. 70 per litre, taking into account the prevailing economic climate in the country, The Morning learnt.

The price of a litre of kerosene was increased from Rs. 77 to Rs. 87 by Rs. 10 with the Government’s decision to increase fuel prices from 21 December 2021.

Speaking at a media briefing held yesterday (6), Pitipana Fisheries Association President Lanny Francis said that in view of the current economic situation, a programme should be formulated to provide kerosene to the fishing community at Rs. 70 per litre.

“Currently the price of fish is high. That is why we could afford it when the price of a litre of kerosene was Rs. 70, but the price of fish has not increased since the recent rise in kerosene prices. That is why we are asking for kerosene at Rs. 70 per litre. If not, how can we face this economic situation,” he said.

He also said that the increase in the price of kerosene in Sri Lanka comes at a time when the price of oil in the world market is declining and that it is questionable as to how that can happen.

Minister of Fisheries Douglas Devananda was not available for comment.

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) announced that the fuel prices have been increased with effect from 21 December 2021, following which the price of kerosene has been increased by Rs. 10, from Rs. 77 per litre to Rs. 87.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Energy announced on 30 December 2021 that the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery would be temporarily closed for the second time in its 52-year history from 3 January 2022 onwards. The said closure has reportedly affected the kerosene production in the country. People in several areas are seen waiting in queues to buy kerosene these days.