For the love of ribs 

  • Park Lane Ribs 

Pork ribs are a dish that any meat lover would go nuts over; done right, it’s the perfect snack – tender, juicy and succulent. Park Lane Ribs, owned and managed by Jackie Fernando, is an online restaurant, run via Instagram and Uber Eats. Fernando found a niche market in the online food business that not many, if not any, have tapped into. As the name suggests, they specialise in slow cooked pork ribs. In conversation with Fernando on how she started the business, she told us it was because everytime she hosted dinner or had get-togethers, she made pork ribs and it was very popular and requested all the time. Her friends and family motivated her and suggested she make a business out of this and that’s how it all started. The business has been running for a few months now, and Fernando added that everything has been going smoothly; fortunately they haven’t run into any major challenges or obstacles yet. 

When speaking to Fernando about what makes Park Lane Ribs so unique, she explained that it was the convenience that it brings to their customers. “The ribs are slow cooked and delivered fresh to their homes, therefore the hassle of preparation is taken out for the customer so for a quick dinner or lunch all that needs to be done is to place an order and it’s delivered to your doorstep.” 

Their current specialty dishes are the curry pork ribs and salt and pepper ribs. Fernando also added that she is experimenting with new flavours and will add more in the future. They also have an option of devilled pork ribs on their menu, which Fernando explained was not as popular, but is still quite a hit. They offer their products in four portion sizes: 250g, 500g, 750g and 1kg, so you are not assured the number of ribs, but you are guaranteed a hefty portion. 

We had the opportunity to sample both the curry pork ribs, as well as the salt and pepper ribs. Because ribs contain a great deal of fat and connective tissue, the meat is naturally tough before it’s cooked. Only the long, slow cooking process can break down the tissues and render the fat to give you the tender, succulent texture you crave, which just so happens to be what Park Lane Ribs specialises in. We found the salt and pepper to be slightly tough, but the meat came off the bone in a fluid motion nevertheless. The curry pork was cooked to absolute perfection; the meat was tender and juicy and almost melted in our mouth.

Moving on to flavours; both ribs packed quite the punch; it was clear that they were well marinated over a long period of time because we could taste all the flavours in every morsel of the meat. If asked, we’d probably pick the curry pork ribs as our favourite simply because not only was it the right texture, but the flavours of the curry was amazing; they had truly captured the essence of a Sri Lankan pork curry and replicated that as the dressing on their wings. 

Moving on to pairings; we promise these ribs can be eaten just as, and would make the perfect accompaniment to a cold one. We also tried it with some rice and roti, and because the curry pork actually comes with a little bit of curry, it went quite well with both. 

In the future, Fernando plans to do their best and hope for the best and expand their business providing only the freshest ribs. 

Park Lane Ribs is available for delivery and pick up from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

Instagram: @parklaneribs