Forbes Leisure Services rebrands as ‘Acorn’ following ownership change

Acorn Group Owner Malinga Arsakularatne

Forbes Leisure Services (Pvt.) Ltd. has been rebranded as Acorn Group, following the acquisition of an 80% stake in the company by Acorn Partners (Pvt.) Ltd. earlier this year.

Acorn offers a range of products and services under three verticals in the travel and aviation industry – aviation services, destination management, and outbound travel. The industry professionals leading the Acorn Group are Malinga Arsakularatne, Darshana Perera, Harith Perera, Dushy Jayaweera, Suranjith De Fonseka, and Hussain Habeeb. 

Commenting on the birth of the organisation, Acorn Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Malinga Arsakularatne said: “The senior management invested in an 80% stake of the travel and aviation sectors in March this year while the Hemas Group will continue to hold a 20% stake in the organisaiton. We liken Hemas to a mighty oak tree which symbolises strength, longevity, and goodness. We represent the acorn seed which separates from the oak tree and develops its roots to embark on a bold new journey of growth fueled by travel and aviation expertise, business expansion, and diversification. In pursuing our growth, we rely on a well-grounded work culture that continually aspires to keep learning, think boldly, and lead change in order to stay relevant to our environment and evolve with our customers.” 

Acorn Group recently acquired a 40% stake in Asia International Academy Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. (AIA), a leading provider of education and education-related services in Sri Lanka. AIA’s portfolio includes ACCA, CFA, CPA, and exclusivity in providing education for the Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management in Sri Lanka.  AIA is also the exclusive agent for the Canadian University Application Centre in Sri Lanka and Maldives and makes university placements across the world with over 2,000 universities and colleges.