FR over Bimshani’s DIG appointment: Alleged falsehood in petition to SC 


  • SSP named as a petitioner reveals all 

  • Says never instructed to file petition nor consented to become petitioner



By Yoshitha Perera 


Legal counsel for the first female Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Bimshani Jasin Arachchi, whose promotion as a DIG has been challenged by a group of senior superintendents of police (SSPs) in a fundamental rights (FR) petition being heard before the Supreme Court (SC), intend to inform the court of an alleged falsehood contained in the petitioners’ application, The Sunday Morning learnt.      

One SSP listed among the aforementioned group of 33 petitioners who filed the FR petition, has neither instructed to file the said FR application nor has he consented to be a petitioner, a member and representative of Jasin Arachchi’s legal team, Attorney-at-Law Dushantha Kularathne informed The Sunday Morning

Kularathne claimed that the details mentioned in the petition as well as the affidavit submitted by the said “petitioner” in question were wrong, and that this would be brought to the notice of the court at the next hearing. 

“The particular petitioner had informed that though his name has appeared in the petition, he had not instructed to file a FR petition. Without his consent, his name and signature have been included in the petition. That means that his signature has been forged. We are in receipt of the original forged affidavit of the said non-petitioner which was attached to the petition and we will also take steps to obtain an affidavit from this individual attesting to the fact that he neither instructed to file such application nor consented to being a petitioner in this case. We will inform the SC about this when the case is taken up next.” 

The case is scheduled to be taken up for further hearing again on Tuesday (18). 

The FR Application Number 354/2020 was filed at the SC by 33 SSPs including Police Legal Division Director SSP Ruwan Gunasekara, seeking a stay order to hold the National Police Commission’s (NPC) decision to appoint Jasin Arachchi as a DIG.  

Most recently, Jasin Arachchi was also removed from her duties as the DIG in charge of the Police Ombudsman/Welfare Range, and although she has since been promised an appointment as the DIG in charge of the Environment and Community Police, nothing in this regard has been informed officially in writing so far.