Free sanitary pads to schoolchildren: Sajith commends initiative & wants it expanded to include all women

Commending the government’s move to provide free sanitary napkins to schoolchildren, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa today said the initiative should be expanded to include all women.

Speaking at a news briefing, MP Premadasa said the government’s change in attitude was commendable.

“At least now they have realized the truth. We commend and thank the government for this move. We hope the move will be implemented soon to include schoolchildren and then expand to include all women,” he said.

He said the issue of women’s health and the need to provide free sanitary napkins to them was highlighted by him during the presidential and general elections.

“Unfortunately, when we made proposals to provide free sanitary napkins, political opponents condemned the proposal, made vicious comments and rejected it,” he said.

The Education Ministry said it was planning to provide free sanitary napkins to approximately 800,000 schoolchildren through a three stage project this year.