Further questioning of Prez’s decision to hike fuel price shows no confidence in him: Gammanpila

Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila says that despite the President taking responsibility for the increase in fuel prices, the further questioning of cabinet ministers shows that they do not have confidence in the President.

The Minister was responding to a statement made by Transport Minister Gamini Lokuge to the media yesterday (11) regarding the increase in fuel prices.

Gamini Lokuge said, “Most people are of the opinion that the price of oil should not be increased at this time and that an alternative should be found, but the relevant Minister thought that the current option is to increase the price of oil.”

He stated that Mahinda Rajapaksa never brought forward a proposal to increase fuel prices and the President never proposed to increase fuel prices.

Responding to this, Gammanpila said, “Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Head of State, Head of Government and Head of Cabinet of Ministers has issued a statement No. 21/146 on June 13 regarding the increase in fuel prices. After the head of state makes such a statement, there is no need to ask those under the head of state whether it is true. Anyone questioning beyond that is saying that the President is lying. ”