G.L meets UN Resident Coordinator Hanaa Singer-Hamdy

Foreign Minister G. L. Peiris received the United Nations Resident Coordinator (UNRC) Hanaa Singer – Hamdy, on a courtesy call at the Foreign Ministry in Colombo yesterday (02).

The UNRC briefed the Minister about the preparation process underway between Sri Lanka and the United Nations under the Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2023 – 2027 which embodies the priorities for Sri Lanka in cooperation with the UN for the next 5 years.

Minister Peiris thanked the UNRC for the constructive and ongoing cooperation between Sri Lanka and the UNRC and the UN country team in the context of the national development priorities and needs for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
This is the last cycle of the UNSDCF ahead of the target set for the SDGs in 2030.

Peiris briefed the UNRC on Sri Lanka’s ongoing efforts to contain the Covid pandemic and the challenges faced in this regard. He appreciated the work done by the UN including WHO and UNICEF as well as the assistance received through the ADB and the World Bank.

He went on to brief the UNRC on the progress made through domestic mechanisms on human rights including SDG 16 dealing with Peace, Justice and Institutions.

Before the call came to an end, Ms Singer-Hamdy reiterated the cooperation of the UN country team in all aspects of Sri Lanka’s efforts to achieve peace and development.