G.L says he will tell Geneva a “very convincing” story

While pointing out that substantial progress has been made in regard to the Offices of Missing Persons, Reparation, National Unity and Reconciliation and the 16 councils of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Foreign Minister G.L Peiris expressed that Geneva will be informed of the same.

“Very substantial progress is made in each of those areas. You ask me what I am going to say in Geneva in March. There is a very convincing story to tell, not cosmetic, but of real progress on the ground with regards to these issues. All we ask for is a sense of objectivity in evaluating the progress which has been made,” the Minister said in Parliament yesterday (25).

Additionally, he stated that Sri Lanka will maintain its foreign policy, while preserving its self respect and will not bow down to anyone.

“Sri Lanka was told not to bow down before foreign nations. Sri Lanka will do what is right, but we will not bow our heads to everything. We conduct foreign policy while preserving our self respect,” he said.