German envoy in SL responds to comments on Hitler

The German Ambassador to Sri Lanka Holger Seubert has responded to a recent comment made by a State Minister about Adolf Hitler.

“I‘m hearing claims that “a Hitler“ could be beneficial to Sri Lanka today. Let me remind those voices that Adolf Hitler was responsible for human suffering and despair beyond imagination, with millions of deaths. Definitely no role model for any politician!” the Ambassador tweeted.

This comes after State Minister Dilum Amunugama’s recent comments about the public blaming the Government for lack of progress.

“If the public are blaming the Government for a lack of progress, then they do so because the people voted the President to power with the expectation that he will get things done by playing the role of a dictator,” the Minister said.

The Minister further added that 6.9 million voted the president into power with the belief that he should be Hitler, and that he is being blamed for not doing that.