Governors, district secys must maintain essential services: President

Governors and district secretaries should personally intervene to maintain essential services without disrupting the lives of the people, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said yesterday (2) at a monthly meeting with provincial governors and district secretaries.

President Rajapaksa said that despite the current situation, the country’s economy could not be allowed to collapse and that the contribution of all was needed to overcome the challenge and move forward as a country.

He then called on the governors and district secretaries to extend their full support to the continuation of the factory and development projects.

In terms of an infected person being identified in connection with a factory or development project, the President pointed out the importance of inquiring into the environment in which the factory or project can be maintained in compliance with health recommendations instead of being shut down all at once.

The challenges and problems faced by the people in the face of travel restrictions were discussed at length.

President Rajapaksa said that although the Government had instructed to maintain industry and essential services in compliance with proper health recommendations, there were shortcomings in the implementation of the programme locally.

He instructed that the mechanism for purchasing and distributing surplus fruits and vegetables to farmers at the local level should be properly implemented and that it was the responsibility of all parties concerned not to allow the agrarian economy to collapse.

Operational projects under local funds and foreign loan assistance should meet the relevant targets properly, he said. He also requested the ministers and secretaries to maintain direct contact with the Government to implement the 10,000 tanks programme, the development of 100,000 km of roads, 1,000 national schools, housing, regional hospitals, and drinking water and renewable energy projects.

Sri Lanka is currently receiving the full number of vaccines required to maintain the vaccination, President Rajapaksa said, adding that the process was being carried out in a scientific and proper manner and that he expected further support from the political authorities as well as governors and all public officials to provide the necessary support to the health sector without causing inconvenience to the people.