Govt. attempting to proceed without help of the alliance: SLFP

The Government thinks that they are correct and they are attempting to go on a journey alone says Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) spokesperson Weerakumara Dissanayake.

He made this statement during a SLFP electorate meeting in Horowpathana yesterday (29).

“The people are suspicious whether the Government will collapse soon, and the foolish people of the Government don’t seem to understand that. There is a fear amongst the people that the Government will collapse and will not be able to move forward. Some Members of the Government speak foolishly in Parliament as if the country is progressing well, they are in a different world. They think the cost of living is low, the agriculture industry is doing well and they think Sri Lanka is now a paradise. That is why they are attempting to move forward alone without the help of other parties,” said Dissanayake.

He went on to state that some MPs make absolutely no sense when speaking in Parliament.

Additionally, State Minister of Solar Power, Wind and Hydro Power Generation Projects Development Duminda Dissanayake stated that the SLFP is being mistreated by the Government.

“If the Government is going on the wrong track, is there any other word we must use other than calling it wrong?” the State Minister questioned.