Govt. duty is to find out what happened: Civil society

Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) Executive Director Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu concurred with Wigneswaran’s view that this move by the Government was a time-buying exercise, not consonant with the Government’s actual duty and responsibility towards the families of missing persons, which is to ascertain what actually happened to the missing persons.

“Even if the said PCoI comes up with a number, it would be pointless if the families of the missing persons don’t learn the fate of their loved ones,” he told The Morning in response to a query made in this regard.

He also emphasised that while previous commissions of inquiry that investigated the same matter prior to the latest PCoI had reported almost 20,000 cases based on the reports of those who came forward, in reality, however, there are many who haven’t come forward to report such to these forums.