Govt. employees, private hospitals, media institutions allowed to use IDs as curfew passes


Acting IGP C.D. Wickramaratne yesterday instructed all police officers to allow government employees and employees of several other institutions to use their official identity card as curfew passes in the areas where quarantine curfew has been imposed.

In a letter to all police officers, the Acting IGP said the Secretary of Ministry of Public Services has issued a circular on October 28 detailing how government institutions and other essential service providers should perform in line with measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Accordingly, the Acting IGP said employees of some 80 government and other identified institutions should be allowed to use their official identity cards to report to work from curfew imposed areas.

Some of these institutions are; President’s Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office, Justice Ministry, Defence Ministry, Foreign Ministry, the Attorney General’s Department, Cabinet Office, the Board of Investment, all media institutions, Sri Lanka Customs Department, all private hospitals and the Examinations Department.