Govt. plans to sell its stake in Kerawalapitiya West Coast Power: Vajira Abeywardena

Former Minister and Chairman of the United National Party (UNP) Vajira Abeywardena said that according to media reports, the government  plans to sell its 51% stake in Kerawalapitiya West Coast Power to a US-owned company.

“At present 51% of the ownership is owned by the government, 27% by the EPF, 18% by the LECO and the rest by the LTL. The people of the country need to know what is happening. This government came to power on the promise that they would not sell any government assets. They accused the UNP of selling assets and the government halted the country’s lucrative investment projects,” Abeywardena said.

He made these statements at a press conference held at the Sirikotha party headquarters today.

Abeywardena highlighted that during the period in 2015-2019 when the UNP was in power, the country’s energy production was LNG.

“We have entered into two tripartite agreements with the Government of Japan and the Government of India for the construction and operation of two power plants. We also entered into an agreement with the Chinese government to develop a LNG power plant in the Southern Province. A fourth LNG power plant has also been proposed and an open tender was being called for it,” he stated.

“What has happened to the LNG projects which were initiated by the UNP? The government must make a clear statement to the people regarding this matter,” he added.

Referring to the President’s claims of being committed to the protection of the environment, Abeywardena questioned the government’s decision to continue the alleged development of environmentally harmful power projects.

It was also highlighted that the decision to sell the majority stake in the Kerawalapitiya energy project was a clear indication that the government does not have enough funds.

“We have seen that the government continues to restrict imports and remittances. This appears to be another futile attempt to increase foreign income. The government has already shown through the introduction of the Selendiva Investments Pvt. Ltd company that they are planning on selling the country’s assets. We request the government to reveal the reason for the decision to sell the country’s assets to foreigners,” he concluded.