GR to extend Singapore stay again?

Former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is expected to seek a further visa extension for 14 more days from Singaporean authorities, it is learnt.

Rajapaksa received a 14-day visa extension from the Singaporean authorities last month upon the completion of the initial visit visa period and the extension period is to come to an end this week (11 August).

When asked if the Sri Lankan authorities would intervene to get another 14-day extension for the former President, a senior Government official told The Sunday Morning that there had been no official request for Government intervention.

However, the official said that there had been an unofficial request on behalf of the former President from the authorities to secure another extension. “The matter is being looked into by the Prime Minister’s Office,” the official said.

Attempts to get a comment from the Prime Minister’s Office failed. 

Rajapaksa arrived in Singapore on 14 July from the Maldives after fleeing Sri Lanka on 13 July following mass protests on 9 July that ousted the former President from office.

He was first granted a 14-day stay visa on arrival and it was further extended by Singapore for another 14 days at the end of July.

It was speculated in the media that the former President would return to Sri Lanka on Thursday (11) when his extended visa period comes to end.