Grades 1 to 5 allowed to function in schools with less than 200 students

It has been decided that schools with less than 200 students will resume operations soon for students from grade 1 to 5.

This was stated by Prof. Kapila Perera, Secretary at the Ministry of Education, during a Press Conference held at the Government Information Department today (24).

“There are 5131 schools in Sri Lanka with less than 200 students. Out of the 10,155 schools in Sri Lanka, there are 3884 schools which consist of only grades 1 to 5. All the Governors have assured the Minister that it is safe to re-open these schools and observations will be carried out to verify the same,” he said.

The Additional Secretary at the Ministry of Education was also attending and confirmed that after ensuring all safety measures will be taken for the safety of the children, a Paediatrician will be allocated for the respective areas who will be responsible for the health of the children.