Happinez picks : Makeup for the holidays

By Mahika Panditha

Happy Sunday everyone! Alright, we did skincare for the face last week, but I wanted to just pop in some makeup for my picks for this month because, well, I love makeup! So for the girls and guys who love it too – this one’s for you!

I know you probably will not be leaving the house for the most part of your holidays but when you do, why not look cute, right? This does not mean that makeup is an absolute necessity, but it is always fun to have a little bit of pizzazz. I absolutely love at least throwing on some mascara, but that is mainly because I want to try to look slightly more alive in the morning instead of looking like the goofy old raccoon I wake up as.

There are so many different looks you could do that are super lightweight and easy, so let me run through some of my favourites first and then I will show you some products I think are absolutely needed for this summer!


. Neutral and basic

This is just a “no makeup” makeup kind of look, if you catch my drift. This was actually my go-to during lockdown for those early morning meetings that I had as soon as I woke up. (Ha!) It gives a more dewy and lightweight kind of vibe. You will just need a spoolie for your brows (puff ‘em up a bit), a good mascara, and a light lip colour or a tinted lip balm. Foundation and concealer are completely your choice but hey, give it a go! You can even throw in some highlighter for fun.

. Graphic liner

I love this so much because it just amplifies your eyes so much that you do not really need to bother with anything else! You can do your base makeup how you usually do it – you know, foundation, concealer, etc. And then, go crazy with your eyeliner. Yara Shahidi had done something like this a while back and I was amazed by it because it was so simple yet so chic! I definitely tried this many times during quarantine, just perfecting the lines.

. Colourful eyeshadow

This actually never goes out of style but I think with how the weather is these days, and since we are progressing towards doing more things during the day, this is such a good choice just to add some colour to your face and your look. Most would go with a bright yellow or orange, but I am leaning more towards blues and pinks simply because I think they are such fun and light colours. This would be ideal for when you are wearing a monochrome outfit and you just need to add some fun to it.


. Viana Crème Touch Lip Liner Pen

This is so compact and cute. It comes in six different shades and is actually water-resistant! When I look for lip liners, I always get shades that are a little bit lighter or a darker shade and Viana provides for both. Since it is a crème-based one, it is super easy to apply and quick too so you do not need to worry about messing it up.

. Spa Ceylon Mineralised Eyeshadow Palette

There are four different eyeshadow palettes that Spa Ceylon has. I currently have two and the pigment is just gorgeous. I mean, without any eyeshadow primer, the colour just pops. I personally love the greens and pinks, and even this one specific light blue shade that just sparkles. There is barely any fall with this product, so I do not worry about the smudge. You can carry it around in your purse as well if you just need a small touch-up later on in the day!

. British Cosmetics Dramatic Eyes Eyeliner

This is such an affordable and effective product that lasts up to 18 hours. If you are going to be out all day for work and then social activities, I highly recommend this product. The stroke is so precise and easy to use; there is barely any smudge and the best thing about it is that it is waterproof. There is literally nothing to worry about with this one and you can buy it online or at a retail outlet.

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